Methodology, design, technology, experience 

The expectations of users and the continuous technological development constantly pose challenges to companies producing IT solutions. Security, performance, and flexibility became key elements. Meeting the expectations is on the one hand methodological, but technological on the other. Ergonomy-centered thinking it not the goal, but the tool in achieving effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction.


We have 20 years of experience in designing and developing systems with a large number of users. We do this in such a way that: 

  • we create integration with existing and well-established systems, thus ensuring the durability of IT investments. 
  • we develop our systems flexibly and parameterizable on a wide spectrum. As a result, sustainability and effectiveness is ensured.


Flexibility is also a basic requirement in development. Our partners' needs can change very quickly, because business environment can change in such a way, that a project needs immediate reactions. 

With adaptive methodology we focus on adapting to changing requirements. Today, agile can be considered the most widespread development methodology, which is dominant in the private sector. 

Ergonomics: usability-effectiveness-learnability
Ergonomics is a constant challenge for us. Our goal is, to create harmony between the user and the system developed by us. The benefits of this are: time required for a task, the number of errors decrease, the effective learning, and using human capabilities more diversely.


Wide competency in development

  • creating systems with high availability,
  • development of systems with a high number of concurrent users,
  • electronic payment systems,
  • elektronic accounts,
  • mobile developments (Android, Ios, Windows mobile),
  • work-flow based solutions,
  • community cooperations systems,
  • content management systems (CMS),
  • e-learning systems,
  • solutions for video-streaming and conferences


Satisfaction is key to success. Key to satisfaction is cooperation. 

Key to satisfaction and success is investment into the solutions that we provide and constant maintenance and improvement of knowledge, therefore we provide solutions that suit our customers the best, are flexible and available product support services. 

Regarding support, we put a great emphasis on personal contact. Support is conducted by 10 professionals, who are helped by 3 more support assistants. 

We conduct researches every year concerning the systems we produce, and based on these surveys, we meet the functional and comfort requirements of our customers.


  • assistance in diagnosing the problem
  • access to product updates, partners always receive the results of the latest developments
  • tracking applications
  • within a proactive support framework and implemented IT environment, achieving the most reliable and stable levels of service 
  • reactive support, in order to provide adequate answers to critical problems 
  • on-site consultation

We are constantly working on to raise the effectiveness of our internal processes, thus ensure the most efficient system usage of our partners and customers. Our goal is to provide services that are suitable for everyone. 



Technology is the tool, the goal is our partners' satisfaction.

Based on the expectations of our customers, in the focus of our activities are security, availability, performance and flexibility. That is why we have chosen such a technological environment, which meets the needs of our customers, and therefore we train our staff to get to know new technologies and implement them in their work. Technology is not an opportunity, but a tool for us to fulfill the needs of our customers. 

At the selection of technology the main aspect were the lower cost of total ownership (TCO) and fast return of investment (ROI). We help our partners to realize more added value to their business with our products. 

The Microsoft .NET framework system provides rapid application-development (RAD), platform independence, and network transparency. With .NET Framework, all aspects of software-development (solutions for both clients and servers, database management, developments for mobile devices, game development, etc.) are covered. 

The Microsoft SQL server meets the requirements of performance and availability for both small and bigger companies.

  • Contains the opportunities that enable our systems to implement business intelligence and monitoring functions. It enables all member of an organization to receive the necessary information in the appropriate form and time. 
  • Effectively configuration of security features, access management, encryption and key management, and enhanced audit opportunities help to keep your date safe. 
  • They provide a whole scale of opportunities, in order to minimize the time needed for applications, and ensure adequate availability. 

Mobile development
Smartphones and tablets are not only for browsing and playing, but are smart supplements of daily work, and become more and more essential of quality services. Therefore it is important to extend our solutions for the most popular mobile platforms. Our team of developers have solid experience in the development of Android, iOS, and Windows phone applications. 


When planning IT-strategies and investment, we have to transform traditional infrastructure into private cloud-databases, which offer IT as a service for internal and external partners. 

Systems that we produce are enable to: 

  • operate on a virtualized infrastructure, by IT professionals
  • the applications are managed by an external cloud-service
  • the applications are accessibe as a cloud-service