CooSpace The scenes of cooperation 

CooSpace is more than an e-learning system. It is more like a communication-based cooperation solution, in which a task or a particular situation (educational task, R+D activities, trainings, organizational development) is supported by a scene. The tools of a scene (forum, newsboard, task, documents' library, test, glossary, etc.) can be chosen flexibly, so that it fits the particular task the best. 

Currently CooSpace provides services both in Hungary and in international projects for more than 100.000 users. 

We strive not to only store passive content, but to help motivated, successful communities form. 


According to your decision

  • e-learning: The learning process can become easier and faster, of the material contains visual images, multimedia content or self-assessment tests. With self-assessment tests, not only the teacher, but the students can get feedback about the knowledge that they have acquired. CooSpace can handle content according to the SCORM standard, and can constantly monitor student activity. 
  • blended learning: CooSpace is able to combine traditional forms of education with e-learning. Therefore with CooSpace, we can put e-learning elements in such courses, that also require physical presence: classes, consultations, mentoring tasks. Concerning tasks that can be performed in CooSpace, the emphasis is on content-sharing with e-learning methods, education, and communication. 
  • connectivism and CooSpace: CooSpace is a web 2.0 application, and it supports the transforming information-seeking strategies, professional and organizational activities of users. The members of a community constantly transform and shape the set of information that are important for them. CooSpace provides the scenes, the tools and the community. 


  • support: we have many years of experience, you only have to use CooSpace 
  • flexible: it adapts to your educational needs
  • tested: more than 7 years, nearly 100.000 users, international and domestic experience
  • robust, stabile and secure: its technology makes it suitable for both small and large organizations
  • simple - even complex tasks can be solved simply
  • cost-efficient - easy introduction and integration into existing systems (directories, HR, CRM, etc.)

Implementation areas

  • higher education
  • public education
  • adult education
  • corporate trainings
  • R+D+I projects
  • alumni, DPR
  • project administration
  • recruitment
  • organizational development
  • evaluation

Recommended to

  • educational institutes: higher education, public education, adult education institutes;
  • companies: who have mandatory training programmes, operate in distant sites, or have rapidly changing product- and service selection;
  • knowledge-intensive organizations: who carry our research and innovation activities.

Brief overview in English: CooSpace_eng.pdf

Further information:

ETR - The predictive system 

We believe, that the support of educational organization of higher educational systems not only means storing data, but by modern help in decision-making, it must help planning and implementing and must be open to cooperate with other systems and services.  

Predictive systems not only create data, but they store the connections between data in such a way that by utilizing them, they can predict the implementation of a process, expected costs, make possibilities appear clear. Therefore ETR was created in order to fulfil the requirements towards predictive systems. 


An institute of higher education can only be efficient and successful, if the basic tasks are performed with a high level of organization of the service processes. 

The essential tool for this is the info-communication system of process-management, ETR. 

ETR contains an extensive network of support services for the educational administration. From accreditation of courses, to conversion of applications, from course selection to creating annexes for diplomas, from student loan management to creatin FIR reports, there are always a handy tool that is available for users. 

The number of processes performed in ETR can only be compared to the biggest data management systems. 


Complex system for complex tasks

The system is based on the cooperation of complex modules. ETE always ensures that education organization is along the rules and predictable. From every module, these sub-systems are accessible:

  • Messaging: automatic system messages and reports
  • Search, listing: according to arbitraty features
  • Dinamic features: ensures adding special features to elements 
  • Generate forms: any type of form can be printed according to the data provided by the institute
  • Checkpoints: monitors the individual element's control flexibly, and scalable controls can be added
  • Language support: provides a translation function so the data entered in ETR can be translated into other languages easily.

Connection points

ETR, as the central system of an institutes, is connected to other parts of the infrastructure (e.g. financial planning, library, etc.) just like the national (Student Loan, FIR, etc.). The use of standard interfaces and technologies enables the institutes to create a relationship with any element of the existing system, therefore increasing efficiency. 

A service environment can be built based on ETR, - ensuring the convenience of automatic functions - in which content services (CooSpace) and electronic administration (Modulo) are both present. 

Why ETR?

  • Because the software has professional support, with experts on higher education and 20 years of experience
  • Because it does not put limitations to administration, but enforces controlled operation 
  • Because users only have to spend the time necessary with administration, because the system does it fast and efficient
  • Because the information that is requisite for operations can be generated in a structured way 
  • Because there can be 5000 course applications in under one minute in practice  



Further information:



iCorso - the registration system of adult education

iCorso is the first complex solution for vocational and adult education organizations.

iCorso supports all the necessary administration tasks regarding the content and methodological preparation of a course, financial planning, recruitment and application, and generating reports. 

Using iCorso creates the opportunity to renew the educational process and methodology. iCorso is the essential tool for effective course-planning, which can help the decision-making of management. 


In order to be successful, we have to recruit new members, and buil on presious customers' satisfaction in the same time.

  • iCorso has relevant information about the members,
  • it is capable of integrating itself into the institution's website, and display the course offers and application forms,
  • with iCorso, a course  can be created according to the organization's design.


iCorso prepares OSAP sheets, accounting, statistics, training contracts, and all documents needed for operation automatically. Organizational administration's work is made easier by tutorials. Most of the registration tasks that have been done manually, with the potential error ratio, but iCorso supports these tasks abiding the current rules and procedures. 

Application fields: vocational training, training courses, corporate training, higher vocational training, post-gradual training.


Supporting the entire life cycle of trainings: 

  • Methodological design based on previous courses (OKJ)
    (module-structure, input requirements, ratio of theory and practice)
  • Preparation (economic calculations, timetables, cost structure)
  • Application (data recording, prerequisites)
  • Conducting (training contract, schedule, resources)
  • Reports (OSAP electronic dispach reports, internal reports)
  • Archiving


further details:

MODULO - Electronic administration, for external and internal partners 

Proof of success of innovation is usage. Today, in MODULO, more than 110 000 users and 1000 administrators have handled 1 million cases successfully. Our goal was to create a system, that can connect client, administrator and different IT systems with the administration process. We provide a complex solution from designing forms and processes all the way to archiving. 


By the integrability of MODULO, all the information is provided for administration. If we would like to search for an old administration process, we can do it easily in MODULO. The system provides an efficient, well-parameterizable  search interface to view past or current cases. 

Monitoring processes
Through analyzing the data produced by the system, the intersections, effectiveness, and the fields that need development of the administration process can become clear. We get instant and constant feedback about the number of cases, and the amount of time necessary to proceed current cases. 

Surveys, quality assurance

MODULO provides services for the conduction of on-line or paper-based surveys, even anonymously. The system supports the whole process from designing the forms all through filling the survey to statistical analysis. For analysis, 16 different statistical operation can be chosen, among them are correlation analysis, analysis of variance and linear regression analysis. The results can be exported into an Excel worksheet.


Supporting the entire process
  • process design, form design
  • customer information sheets, filling tutorials
  • data control during filling the forms, even from external systems
  • generate documents, upload attachments for administration processes 
  • processing and decision-making based on previously set rules, even without the interference of administrators 
  • forwarding decisions to external systems
  • notifying users, notification system
  • generate statistics and statements

Field of implementation

  • management of forms, applications
  • tracking the contracting process, generate contracts
  • manage the forms concerning leaves
  • manage the process of commitments 
  • manage the forms concerning quality management

  • assessment of processes
  • prepare the forms 
  • we provide trainings for those who process the cases
  • we monitor operations, make proposals in order to increase efficiency
  • we provide access to the newest version 

Further details:

MONITOR– business intelligence, simply

It is every decision-maker's expectation, to receive transparent data fast, be it a production, service, or non-profit organization.

If the business processes of the company are well-organized, then the data stored in remotely operating IT systems (management, CRM, financial management, etc.) can be displayed by MONITOR. 

MONITOR provides a comfortable opportunity to create reports and data analysis, regardless of the platform or the browser. The results can be easily exported into any popular format (Word, Excel, .pdf). 


MONITOR ensures access to business intelligence (BI) through Microsoft's tools. This modern data integration tool can integrate numerous source systems, and makes the unified handling of this data possible. 

By using advanced visual and authorization framework, it is easy to share reports with different managers and employees. This can be a report based on simple data, a complex statement, or a report or dashboard displayed easily and spectacularly. 

Authorization and security

We put a great emphasis on protecting your data's security, which is ensured by the technology of our choice. Decision-makers of different levels and multi-dimensional authorization system, only the necessary data is accessible, and nothing else. 

According to your needs 

Monitor enables small companies, to use business intelligence in order to optimalize their activity. 


  • Reports: reporting, creating statements
  • Data-visualization: graphs, displays 
  • Dashboard: create executive dashboards
  • Performance Indicators: production of balanced scoreboards
  • Business analysis: statistical summaries


  • speed: the time required to reach the key data has significantly reduced
  • integration: it becomes possible to integrate data from different systems, unified management and display, in order to everyone to work from the same databases. 
  • focus:  by getting the appropriate information to a wider user circle, the members of the organization have a better understanding of their role within the organization, the processes affecting them, thus Monitor helps them to focus on the most important issues regarding their activity. 

Answers to questions: simple and fast

  • What happened? – simple reports, checklist, reports;
  • What is the reason? – multi-dimension data analysis tools, OLAP, data-visualization tools;
  • What is happening now? – performance management tools, indicators, dashboards, scorecard-technologies;
  • What would happen, if …? – predictive systems, data-mining tools.