INGENII DEXTERITAS - the ingenuity of talent

DEXTER IT and Consulting Ltd. was founded in 1991 to design, develop and support IT systems. Based on the experience accumulated in the past more than two decades, and internationally proven methodologies, technologies and business models, DEXTER provides high-level system design, development, support and consulting services to its customers.

 In the focus of our attention are the IT systems developed on a broad spectrum of the educational and training sector, and the related consultancy services. 

Our solutions are for administration, e-learning and co-operative systems, monitoring and management information systems. 



We recognize and understand our partners' strategic aims and expectations, we have the concept plans prepared and are able to manage projects. We strive to create long-term cooperation with our partners and customers, in order to meet the expectations of the external market. 

Our aim is to create long-term partnerships with our customers in order to fulfill their need and create IT systems, which help them every day, so they can concentrate on their own business goals. 


  • Because service provided by DEXTER is reliable. We have more that twenty years of experience in supporting IT systems. We know it from experience that service systems tend to become more beneficial, when the support is the highest quality possible and reliable. 
  • Because employees of DEXTER are experienced, competent professionals. We rely on our colleagues in the long term, and their knowledge is the most valuable for the company. The opportunity of constant learning, and stability ensure together that we can be outstanding both in development and partner support.
  • Because DEXTER adapts to the needs of customers. Our development activities, innovation and the development of business models are all flexible. Organizational structure leading and management models are all serve the goal of finding the best solution for our partners. 
  • Because DEXTER is outstanding in innovative solutions. Both in innovation tenders and self-financed projects, in cooperation with our partners and also individually our main goal is to constantly develop our products and services.  


Our philosophy

Develop long-term partnerships: by improving the quality of service and implementing innovative technologies. 

Long-term cooperation with colleagues: recognition both morally and financially, supporting their professional development. 

Understanding the aims and goals of partners, and plan, develop, and support systems that suit them best.  




Our goal is to meet the expectations of both customers, employees and owners of the company by guaranteeing of excellent quality. 

We constantly expand our circle of experts, consultants and developers according to the needs of customers, and we determine the skills that we have to acquire according to these needs. We always adapt the latest methodologies in application development (MSF, Agile software development) and technological opportunities, therefore our colleagues often attend trainings. 

In order to reach the aforementioned objectives, we implemented the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standard-compliant quality management system, which we operate accordingly and its elements are recorded in the handbook of quality-management. We introduce our quality management system to our colleagues, partners, subcontractors, and implement it into our daily work. Processes are often reviewed and developed in order to meet quality standards. 

  • By introducing new techniques, increasing the quality of softwares we produce, while paying attention to the needs of our customers. We cooperate with customers both in the planning and testing phases of development, so that the finished product fit their expectations best. 

  • In order to increase the efficiency of our activities, we plan our resources nd take care of continuous provision of them. Responsibilities and duties are always clearly recorded. We monitor and evaluate our own operation's effectiveness and quality, and the result of this evaluation is used to further develop our products.  

  • We always try to improve our colleagues' working conditions by internal and external trainings, therefore helping them to achieve higher professional competence. 

  • For long-term stable operation and development it is key to have  stable financial management.  


DEXTER IT and Consulting Ltd. is a founding member of the Information Management Cluster. 

The Information Management Innovation Cluster was founded in 2008 with the ambition to support member companies' technology-oriented development, to increase domestic and international contestability, both in product markets, and labor market. The cluster recognizes two ways of increasing competitiveness: 

  • internal contestability: training of workforce and workforce retention
  • external contestability: increase the competitiveness in product and service markets. 



INGENII DEXTERITAS - the ingenuity of talent, the ingenious talent

Selection of occurrences of dexter in Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (the biggest latin dictionary):

  • St. Isidor of Seville: [6th]: Book of etimologies and origins 20. - IX. book, Part 1., Chapter 67:dextera vocatur a dando. Ipsa enim pignus pacis datur, ipsa testis fidei atque salutis adhibetur. Dexter comes from giving (a dando). It is given as the token of peace, it serves as a greeting. Methaforically it is the same as propitius, faustus (pious, fortunate). 
  • Vergilius: Aeneis VI. 301-2. Salve, vera Iovis proles Hercules J. L. decus addite divis / et nos et tua dexter adi pede sacra secundo! In this text, dexter can be translated as fortunate. 
  • Servius (4th commentator): DEXTER ADI - id est propitius. Pseudo-Vergilius: Aetna line 4.: dexter venias mihi carminis auctor; translatuon by Szabó Kálmán: Come gratiously, the giver of my poem.
  • Propertius: Elegies for the IV. book, 9. 72-3. lines: sancte pater salve, cui iam favet aspera Iunö sancte, velis libro dexter inesse meo. In the translation by Horváth István Károly, dexter means pious. 
  • Statius: Silvae I. book, 2. poem 211-2 lines: dexter vultus adnuit - nods with gracious expression. Dexteritas means humanitas, sollertia [human feeling/dignity, ingenuity].
  • Titus Livius: The history of the Romans from the establishment of the city. 28th book, part 18., Chapter 6.: tanta autem inerat comitas Scipioni atque ad omnia naturalis ingenii dexteritas -  in Scipio was so much kindness [Cornelius]
  • Aulus Gellius [2nd roman writer]: Nights of Attica Book 13th, Part 17., Chapter 1.: quod a Graecis dicitur... significat dexteritatem quamdam benevolentiamque... - what the Greek call phylantrophy, meand humanity and benevolence.  

Therefore, the right hand is the sign of witness and greeting: 

  • TESTIS FIDEI DEXTER ATQUE SALUTIS - the right hand is the testimony of the right hand and greeting
  • TESTIS FIDEI DEXTER - testimony is the right hand
  • In DEXTER ADEST, inest, adit [is present with good will and contribution] was used for [Hercules, Ianus] god-kings [pl.Germanicus Caesar, Augustus korán elhalt utódjelöltje], therefore: DEXTER ADEST - is present with good will. 
  • As Livius said, playfully: INGENII DEXTERITAS - the ingenuity of talent, the ingenious talent.