DEXTER Informatics and Consultancy Ltd. is focused on IT systems and related consultancy services on a wide spectrum of the educational and training sector.

We produce solutions from administration, e-learning and cooperation systems through electronic administration through monitoring and management information systems. 

We recognize and understand our partners' strategic aims and expectations, we have the concept plans prepared and manage the project. We strive to create long-term cooperation with our partners and customers, in order to meet the expectations of the external market. 

It is twenty years' experience, that common success can be only achieved by continuous renewal and the ability of innovation.  

Cooperation or e-learning?

Both of them. CooSpace is a communication based cooperative system, in which each scene is organized in order to solve a specific task. 

Whether it is an academic course, the management tasks of a small or medium enterprise, major corporate organization, training course or a research project. All our customers can use CooSpace according to their needs and the specific features of the task. 

CooSpace Education: submission and assessment of tasks, plagiarism search, online testing, management of SCORM learning materials, calendar management and synchronization, video streaming, glossary, video consultation, mobile access (iOS, Android) handling notifications. 

CooSpace Business: a cooperative tool that creates cooperation between members of and organization (management, employees, customers) in the virtual space with the help of web 2.0 tools. Its goal is to support interactive and active, content-creating and content-using communities. 

Training management

With our tested solution, educators and course organizers can plan their educational and administration processes simply and transparently. All users included in a process can get accurate and recent data, while the operator can perform their tasks more efficiently and quickly.

iCorso supports all administration from recruitment to implementation, through creating reports. Using iCorso creates the opportunity of the renewal of the whole content and methodological process. 

Just focus on training, administration is done by iCorso. 

We offer a complete solution for administration of trainings, applications for trainings, payment of course fees, and support of the content of the training (e-learning). A monitoring system is an essential element of effective organization of trainings, which can effectively assist management decisions.